fredag 12 juni 2015

Gammal låttext

It's winter in my soul and there are snow that falls down on my floor
My words are cold and dry just like you are 
I miss the sun, I miss the fun 
Days we spend in the autumn
And you sang til I fell asleep

If you could see, the deep inside of me
like no one else would be able to do
You would follow me though the darkest of mine 
Like a forrest, and your eyes would not find 
Anything in the fog... 

I can see, I can feel, I can fear this feeling inside, this feeling's alive this time 

I can't heal, I can't feel, I can't face you, while you stand there, not scared 

Are you scared while I'm safe?
I wish I could see what you're thinking of
I am scared while you're safe, I wish you could see what I'm thinking of 

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